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Welcome to Robin Compton's website...



 4 AUG 1976 - 01 FEB 2000

Hello my name is Robin Compton and I'm from Vincennes Indiana and I currently reside in Springville Indiana.  Right now, I work for the State Goverment as a DVOP (Disabled Veteran Opportunity Program Coordinator) for the state on Indiana. I reach out to those Veterans seeking employment and have barriers to full time employment such as being homeless, lack of transportation and in need of extra education & training to gain full time employment. Furthermore, I even reach out to those Veterans who are incarcerated in our local jails and prisons who may be getting out soon after serving their time for a past offense.


For those of you interested in serving our great country, I've included a web-site for your interest and any questions you may have before visiting a Military Recruiter.Military Service Please visit this web-site and see for yourself how many opportunities a young person may have joining our Military Service today.

Please, if you have any comments or questions. Feel free to e-mail me at the below address. Hope to hear from you soon...